Referral program policy

Program Overview

  • Gain money and discounts for referring people you know to use our services!
  • Want to earn free money? Refer people to use our services and get rewards for both you and your referral


  • On completion of successful referral the person that is referring will receive $5 dollar cash per referral
  • The person that is referred will receive $5 dollar service discount.

How to Make a Referral

  1. Think of potential people from school, work, groups, clubs, family or friends that could use our services.
  2. Ask us for a referral form, Fill it out and return it to us via email or in person. [The referred person can drop it off as long as referring person signs it]
  3. You can also text/email the following information to +1 (226) 641-6838 | [email protected]
    Your name
    Name of referral
    Relation to referral
    Your contact information
    Your Signature _ Will acknowledge receipt of the referral by email or text
    Payment type: E-Transfer, CASH
  4. Wait for your payment once referral has been completed.


  • You may only gain the referral rewards if you have completed a paid service with The Technology Studio
  • Referring is limited to 1x per person you are referring
  • You may only gain the referral rewards if you buy a service not a product sale
  • You must be at least 18 years of age